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photographic tour

Learn to photograph in an exclusive and personalized class.

fotografia natural, moderna e espontânea

Learn or improve your knowledge and techniques in a personalized way and use the resources you already have. Create amazing memories of your trip, family, hobby, or any other occasion, your classes will be designed with your needs in mind. How is the photo tour? Let's walk around the place we choose to practice photography. During the tour, we will discuss techniques by observing everyday places and people walking through the city - Common places are great to practice perception and technique. What are we going to address? • Working with natural light. • Creativity using aperture, ISO, and exposure time. • Street Photography, Architecture, and Travel. • Composition with lines, colors, framing... • Underexposure and overexposure: how to use it. Get your gear ready and let's shoot!

  • 2 horas
  • 250 Reais brasileiros